Quiero Hablar, Por Favor

I really want to speak Spanish.

I took high school Spanish and loved it. I took college Spanish and probably would have liked it if I’d engaged more in classes and not extracurricular activities.

In the past year, I’ve had the urge to learn it again. I’d like to hold and understand conversations. I’d like to be fluent in it, but even just passing Spanish would be good. I have people at work who indulge me and will converse with me in the language. I also have a couple friends who support my need to speak Spanish. One of them got me the dictionary pictured here and has offered to have teaching sessions with me, since she’s fluent.

At some point, I might take a class, but for now I’ll just pick it up here and there for no other reason than that I want to. Because really, that’s usually the only reason I need.