March Goals

I did so well with meeting my goals for February that I decided to make March’s list a little longer. I find that contrary to my own contrariness regarding goal setting, when I set them, I generally make them. Also, I realize we’re halfway through March, but better late than never.

My first goal was to finish those socks for my mom, which I met. However, I suppose I should amend it to get the socks sent to my mom. They’re still sitting at home waiting for a bigger envelope that I keep forgetting to buy.

My second goal is to learn to crochet. Lessons are this Friday, so I’m on track for that. The challenge will be in fitting crochet work in with my list of knitting projects. However, it will also open up some avenues for yarn to look for at this year’s yarn hop.

My third goal is to find an apartment. Technically, we’ve reached this goal already. We found one, thanks to a friend, and we have a plan for moving in. This coming weekend we’re turning in our apps and meeting with the landlords, so as long as they like us and think we look like good, upstanding citizens, I think we’re in.

Fourth goal is to get my tires balanced, something I’m putting off until I can do that AND get an oil change AND get the windshield washer thing looked at. I’m thinking towards the end of March. I have to go some place local because my all time favorite dealer doesn’t do tire balancing. Bummer. A regular shop is not going to give me free lunch.

Fifth and final goal is to finish the current courses I’m taking through work. This one not only had the test (which I already finished) but also a paperwork component. I have to draw up a plan and so far, I’m not digging it. I think I’m over-thinking and getting lost in the details. Plus, it’s tedious. I’ll be glad when it’s over. The other one is easy, and I know it’s easy, and I have some extra time to take it, so I’m putting most of my focus on the first one. But I’m going to try to have them both done by the end of March.

Other small goals include finishing Good Omens and Heart Shaped Box for their respective book discussions and making enough progress on my current two knitting projects* to be able to finish both of them in April. I also need to sort my music collection and get some more things packed for the move.

Five goals feels a little overwhelming since we’re down to a half month left and only 2.5 weekends, but with the epic time management skills I seem to be developing this year, I’m betting that I’ll be able to get them all done.


*The problem with knitting a little bit every day is that my shoulder hurts and my elbow has a weird burning sensation. I suppose I should give it a rest for one day, but what I should do and what I do do are usually two different things.