Knitters are Yarn Magnets

I’m happy to report that I’m still picking up my needles daily, and the progress I lost from frogging my project has been made up. My decision was a good one. Knitting a project with no glaring mistakes makes a difference. 

Last week, a coworker asked if I wanted some yarn she’d inherited. Logically, I realize this is the exact opposite of the paring down I’m supposed to be doing, but as a knitter, I can’t say no.What if I declined and later found out I missed out on some prize yarn?

Being a yarn magnet is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because you’re always well stocked in stash yarn. It’s a curse for the same reason, unless you’re blessed with unlimited storage space. I already have two totes and a bag full of yarn, and my efforts at stash busting have been weak. Since we’re moving into a smaller apartment, storage is going to be a challenge.

2014-04-10 13.42.19

This gift also came with several pairs of straight needles, some circulars, and a set of metal DPNs. I think I might be more excited about the tools in this case, not because I need them personally but because I want to share them.  

I’ve had a few people ask me to teach them to knit, and one of my plans after moving back into town is to hold a monthly knitting get together. I like having extra yarn and tools on hand because the idea of letting someone take them as their beginner’s tools is appealing. They’ll upgrade eventually, but this gives them the chance to try it out without having to buy their own tools.

Plus, it has a “share the love” feel to it.

As for the yarn, some of it will be donated and passed on, but there is some nice acrylic yarn I’m keeping for frou frou projects (I’m  a fan of softer acrylics).

Now I just need to figure out where I’m going to store it.

Questions for my fellow yarncrafters: do you ever find yourself becoming a yarn magnet? Do you tend to accept or decline? Why? 


And One Day, I Actually Got Lucky…

I won a raffle!

Specifically, I won the raffle at the Winter Woolfest. People on my Facebook already know this because I had to share the day it happened, but it’s taken me this long to actually get a blog post up about it (the new year is turning out to be a busy one already).

The day of the Woolfest, I bought six raffle tickets, figuring there was no way I was going to win. I never win raffles (I’m also fairly unlucky at the casino too). But it was supporting the local school’s Music Boosters and so I deemed it a good cause, as I still have fond memories from my own days in junior high and high school band.

Not going to lie, a little part of me spent the whole afternoon hoping I’d get a phone call or an email telling me I won, because I figured they’d draw right at the end of the event. I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t get either. Disappointed, but not surprised. A couple days later, I even checked the page to see if a winner was announced, but didn’t see anything, so I figured they just didn’t publicize it (they didn’t publicize it anyway, so that really has no bearing on the story).

Then on Wednesday, I got a call on my cell phone. It was a local number, but being at work and being in the middle of something, I let it go to voicemail. Curiosity got the better of me though, and I went ahead and checked it shortly after.

It was The Wicked Stitch telling me I’d won the raffle. And sure enough, I checked my email and it was there too.

I first proceeded to do a victory dance in my cubicle, which I later regretted partially because I looked foolish but mostly because I think it caused me to hurt my back. I then went to the hallway to call and confirm the message and that I’d be by later that day to pick up the prize. While there, I saw my boss and did another dance, just for her, to celebrate my luck.

While this was happening, I did realize that not everyone appreciates winning a brand new set of knitting needles. But that didn’t matter, because I’d won them and I was thrilled.

Sharp, shiny, and beautiful!
Sharp, shiny, and beautiful!
A full set of HiyaHiya needle in pretty cases.
A full set of HiyaHiya needle in pretty cases.

The two cases contain a full set of interchangeable needles from size 2 to 15 and several cords of varying sizes, including one long enough to do magic loop, which is my preferred method of small circumference knitting. I realize I could take everything out and put them all in one case, but I’ve decided just to keep them both in my larger knitting bag because they’re so cure and compact.

Having not previously knitted with HiyaHiyas, but having heard good things about them, I went ahead and found a project to take them for a spin with. So far, I love them. I like metal needles, and they’re lightweight with a nice flexible cable. They’re also slippery, which is good for fast knitting, though I have to be careful I don’t lose my stitches.

They’re also noisy. This isn’t a complaint. I love the sound of knitting needles at work. But I don’t think I’ll be taking them into a movie theater any time soon.

This might be my only “win” of the year, but if so, it was well worth it!