Going Out Westy

Yesterday was another geocaching day. We didn’t have a specific goal in mind, we just wanted to see how many we could get.

After grabbing a quick drive thru breakfast, we went back to two places we’d already been. The first one down at the boat ramp continues to elude us. We’ve been down there 3 or 4 times, and a fellow cacher even emailed me with some help, and we still can’t find it.  I don’t know if we’re ready to give up all together, but today wasn’t our day.  The second one was out at Mount Mitchell, and this time, we found it. The walk up the hill was still a little challenging, but recovery was quick and we didn’t need a sit down break like we did the first time.

We decided to head out towards Westmoreland to snag some more caches. The first few were around a historical marker and wagon display for the area where the California-Oregon Trail crossed Kansas.

100_2096 100_2097 100_2100

We found a trail and followed it under the highway to the tombstone of one of the travelers.

100_2101 100_2103 100_2104 100_2106

A little further up, we took a walk down a long trail to grab another one, then we found one at a historical hand-dug well. The well was neat. We even stood on the small overhanging platform to look directly down.

100_2108 100_2110 100_2113

We continued to follow our list into the Westy back roads. There was a cemetery cache that I think was taken out by the removal of some trees, and there was more pretty scenery and bridges.

At one of our last stops, we came across two  “helpers.”

2013-10-26 14.51.44 2013-10-26 14.52.01 2013-10-26 14.52.22

They were so cute and friendly, and because we wanted to pet and play with them, it took us longer to find the cache. Before we left, we walked down to a nearby house to make sure the pups were close to their home. Luckily, they were. The roads out there aren’t heavily trafficked, but I would have felt bad if they’d been lost.

The corgi walked us back to the car and saw us off before trotting back to his home. I think there might be a corgi in our future. Maybe.

There was another cache just down the road, but after that we decided to head back to a cafe we’d passed earlier to grab a late lunch/early dinner. Sadly, the cafe had already closed for the day, so we grabbed some nuts and a drink at a gas station to take the edge off until we could get real food.

After a real dinner of shared General Tso’s at Imperial Garden, we decided we were going to call it a day for geocaching. We were tired, and my hip was killing me (which means a chiro trip this coming week).

We went to the library and hung out there to read until they closed, then went to Hastings for some more reading time and a black and white mocha before going to hang with the Fantastic Four while Terry and Erica went to the haunted house out in JC.

I read some more and worked on my current knitting project which has to be done this coming week. Once that’s done, my project list will be down again to just a few things, but I’m still on the fence about doing NaNoWriMo. I’m down to a week to decide.

Oh, and I talked the kids into watching “Chicken Run” with me. Love that movie!

We got home late last night and since I wanted to publish this post with all the pics, I waited for today. I’ll post another one later for the smallish happenings of today, and then I’m thinking of doing an “informational” post on geocaching since I’ve had several people ask questions about it.