Crabby and Crashing

The day was busy but not as intense as I expected it to be, at least not in my corner of the office.  However, the day as a whole was pretty boring.

Jon registered us for the MtG tourney in OKC at the beginning of October, so I’m committed now. It’ll be fun.

The night took a turn for the lazy when we went against our previous plans and called tonight a rest night. So no gym. Which would have been okay, except Domino’s messed up my pizza and gave me cheese, not ham like I ordered. They credited us for two free larges next time we order.

Doesn’t make tonight’s dinner any less disappointing. I know, I’m being bratty about it. I’ll get over it like I’ve gotten over all my other recent disappointing meals.

I’d better go to bed and sleep off some of this crabbiness.