Cold Mornings and Long Walks

Last night was bitter cold. So was this morning and this evening. I have a hard time doing anything when it’s this cold. There are moments when it physically hurts me to be in it. Granted, that’s probably my fault for not wearing enough layers, but still…the cold doesn’t agree with me.

No post last night because the night got away from me. Once we got home from work, I put in some time on an editing project for awhile. Somehow I dragged my butt back out of the house to go to knit night down at The Wicked Stitch. I finished part of a knitting project and got to visit with my friend V, who is a writer and a knitter as well, so we talked about our current fiction projects. Well, she’s a writer. I’m not sure if I can call myself a writer, but I think I get a few weeks of grace after Nanowrimo, right?

Because of our chat, I was in the mood to do some revising, so I got caught up in that at home later on, and by the time I even thought about opening a blog post, I was exhausted. So that was that.

Today was busy but productive. It’s definitely been one of those weeks. It wasn’t bad, though. The current excitement is the upcoming holiday party at work. Some years I’m kind of bah humbug about the whole thing. I didn’t even go last year. But this year, I think it’s going to be really fun, and my current plan is to totally get my dance on. The awesome thing is that I think I’ll have the stamina this year. I’m debating letting Jon skip out though. Once the dinner is over, the poor guy will probably just end up sitting there all night doing nothing while I shake a tail feather. At least that’s how it plays out in my head.

We went to the gym after work. Today it felt like a huge accomplishment because the cold makes us both want to come home and do nothing. But I knew if I did that, I’d feel crabby all evening, so we pushed ourselves to go. I walked the treadmill for almost sixty minutes again. I came up just three minutes short, though I probably could have made it. But Jon was done and I was hungry and I was just waiting for my zombie mission to end. I found out you can do the missions with no distance or step tracking, so you still get the supplies and the story, but you don’t have to hold the phone. Which is good for the treadmill, because I haven’t yet found my balance on that thing yet.

At home, I did some knitting, watched “Once Bitten” (one of my favorite movies), and putzed around on the computer. All around, pretty low key. Now to do some Pinning, then shower, then head to bed. Tomorrow’s Friday! Hanging with Forsh after work, but then I’m not sure what the weekend is going to bring. We have tentative plans, but they’re all up in the air right now. Just going to roll with it and see what happens.