Friday’s Delayed Grind

I didn’t get yesterday’s post up because we didn’t get home until about 2 in the morning, and I wasn’t feeling hardcore enough to post a blog that late. It was a good day though, so I’ll give it its own belated post before getting to Saturday’s adventure.

Work stress was low yesterday. I was given the office recognition by another co-worker and asked to do a special project to help with the office costume idea for Halloween. I don’t do costumes. It’s always fun in theory, but I’ve never been able to pull off a good one, and let’s face it…I’m lazy. I have no ambition to prepare and dress up in a possibly uncomfortable costume. I’m okay with helping out. I’m going to keep this project a secret until Halloween so as not to ruin the costume surprise. I picked up the supplies for the project during lunch and have already started on it. Now I just have to make time to finish it.

Jon and I went to Hastings after work to buy new headphones for him before going to the gym. The headphones he picked up broke almost right away, so we had to go back and return them.  I’ve theorized a thing called Hastings Law: one can’t go to Hastings without something going wrong. This stretches to things like certain drinks or food not being available or the bathroom not working. In true form, Hastings Law didn’t let us down (even though I do realize this one should be blamed on the company that makes the headphones, but it still seems fitting).

From there, we went to Terry and Erica’s for gaming. We got a late start, using the first few hours to visit. I did some knitting and we ordered dinner. The game was fun.  This one is Jon’s fourth edition DnD campaign. Our party solved a puzzle, beat up some giant bugs, and took a secret passage to a room where we had to fight some big bads. They almost killed our entire party. There was a good chunk of time where we pretty much figured we’d all be rolling new characters before the next session. But we managed to survive and can now take our current characters with us to the next adventure.

Besides having a late game night, we decided to try to find a cache in the area before heading home. We had no luck. There were a few late night muggles around, including a group of girls who asked if we were looking for something. I just said we were goofing around and that seemed to appease them. I suppose we could have told them what we were doing, but they were staggering a bit. It could have turned into a long, weird, conversation.  We might go back to that one some early Sunday morning, but I think we need the daylight to give it a good go.

We finally got home and crashed out, deciding to set a later alarm instead of the super early one we generally set for weekend adventures.


It’s Kind of Like Stripes

I took the hat that I’m knitting for J. Felbs on our trip last weekend and managed to get a good chunk of it done. The pattern is called Trekking. It’s by Woolly Wormhead and can be found on Ravelry, and I apologize for not linking but I can’t get the site to load (this is my computer’s fault, not the site).

I had the two skeins of Peruvia from Yarn Hop, but I started getting paranoid that I wouldn’t have enough to finish the hat (it’s 20 inches long before you even get to the crown shaping).  So I picked up some discounted baby alpaca at The Yarn Store and More and started adding it in. J is fine with the different colors and textures.

I really like the contrast. I know some knitters would find it sloppy (as would they also find the different shaped stripes, but I’m happy with it and I love knitting with the baby alpaca.

My goal is to finish both this and my BIL’s sweater* before the end of April, so FO updates may be a reality very soon.

*I do realize that knitting a wool hat and sweater right before the summertime seems kind of silly, but the brightside is that if I finish them now, the guys will have them for next winter. Justified.