Weekend in Review

Nothing crazy happened this weekend, other than that I wasn’t feeling well. Somehow, though, I still managed to accomplish what felt like a lot. I did not, however, accomplish any blog posts, so here’s the update on the weekend.

Friday: After work, I dropped Jon off at gaming, went to the gym for another treadmill session, then went to Forsh’s for some dinner, wine, and The Sound of Music. I love the original movie, so I was interested in seeing the remake with Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer. Before I saw it, I read mixed reviews. After I saw it, everything I read talked about how horrible it was. It wasn’t better than the original, for sure, but I actually liked it. Underwood is cute and Moyer was…well, it was fun comparing Captain Von Trapp to Bill Compton.  It was also fun to just goof on it with Forsh. I picked up Jon when it got late. He took second in the FNM draft, so it turned out to be a good night all around.

Saturday: I slept in on Saturday, which I thought would be good for some extra rest, but I was feeling rough when I woke up, both physically and emotionally. It wasn’t my normal depression. I wanted to go do something but I didn’t want to deal with the cold, so I stayed in and figured that was best to try to make myself feel physically better…that and a few cold pills. I started feeling restless a little later on, so I channeled my energy into finishing a few knitting projects I’d been working on and watching American Horror Story: Asylum, which finally came on Netflix. Later in the evening, I did venture out for a short walk with Jon to the corner store. It was chilly, but I found my headband and gloves, so it was bearable. The walk itself felt good. I hate  being cooped up all day. Before the day ended at around two in the morning, I watched all of Asylum.

Sunday: I woke up feeling better, so I thought I was out of the woods. Even though I got to bed late on Saturday, I set an early alarm so I could get up and finish an editing project. We ordered lunch, and I watched some Christmas shows to get the answers I needed for the mystery geocache series. Even though it was cold and snowy, I didn’t want to be cooped up again, and since we had to go out for gaming anyway, I suggested we brave the cold and snow and go pick up some geocaches. The roads weren’t horrible, though there were a few snags in our plan. First, some of our coordinates were wrong due to sticky keyboard fingers and typos, so our first two caches took us to private land and someone’s driveway…hence, we knew we’d done something wrong. We also ended up on a really horrible back road and almost dumped ourselves into a creek. My mad driving skills got us through it, but that was a pretty intense trip. We managed to grab four of the mystery caches before heading over for our Pathfinder game. It was around that time that I started feeling sick again, worse than Saturday. I couldn’t focus on anything, I had a weird headache, and I kept running hot and cold. I also thought I was going to fall asleep a few times because I felt so exhausted.

Once the game was over, I managed to perk up enough to do some grocery shopping, but I was sore and tired and really glad to get home. Jon made me some chicken noodle soup and I picked up some OJ at the store. I’ll be heading to bed shortly after this post to try to get some sleep, and hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. I go through this every other month or so, so I’m going to rely on my immune system to kick into high gear and not let me get super sick before Christmas.

Here’s to some cold meds and rest and a good upcoming work week.


Sick Days

I’m not running marathons or anything, but I would say that over the last several months, I have become at least a moderately active person. I do something physical everyday, most days for at least a half hour.  So when I get sick and I know I need to rest, it’s kind of difficult.

I made it about an hour through work before I decided to go home. I woke up feeling bad but thought maybe some breakfast and hydration would help. It didn’t. I finally decided not to push it, and after getting a few high priority items off my list, I left, stopping to get gas and orange juice before coming home and resting. I slept on and off throughout the day, dozing through a few movies and making it all the way through a few others.

Admittedly, I thought about going out and taking a walk this evening.  Not doing anything makes me stir crazy, not to mention the stiffening up of muscles and joints when I don’t use them. But I came to the conclusion that I really wouldn’t be doing myself any good by going out in the cold, so I stayed in. I have to leave the apartment in a few hours though, when Jon is done with FNM. With being sick, I canceled our original plans, so he went to the game store to hang out. 

I’m hoping to feel better tomorrow to go geocaching and get a light workout in, but right now, I’m playing it by ear. 

In other really mundane news from the past week:

2013-11-06 10.13.59
I’m currently having a love affair with Luna bars, and this one especially was delicious.
2013-11-07 22.17.12
I got my KS swag from Worsted for Wear in the mail yesterday. Great webcomic about knitters!
2013-11-08 11.58.50
On sale at Dillons for 1.49 each. I’m thinking of getting a few and shaking up a few meals with smoothies next week.

On that note, I’m already ready for another snooze before Jon texts for pick-up, so I’m off for the night. Here’s hoping a good night’s rest and to feeling better tomorrow.



Middle of the Week Lull

It rained today. A lot. I’m grateful it wasn’t snow, but it would have still been a nice day to stay inside and knit or sleep. Having said that, things were pretty wild on the murder mystery front. Some of my co-workers are taking this very seriously. Part of me is really happy about this. Part of me is worried that my ending will disappoint.  These people are ruthless, so I have to be on my A-game.

The day in general went by fast, though I wasn’t feeling great. Stomach issues and a touch of what threatens to be a cold. Still, I was ready to go to the gym after work. We haven’t been in several days, and since the rain was going to keep us from geocaching and/or walking, the gym was our best option.

Two things happened when I left work, however. First, I realized I’d forgotten to change into my outside-of-work shoes before leaving the office, and those happen to be my active shoes. The ones I wear at work, while comfortable in that setting, aren’t great for the gym. Still, I could have overlooked that and used the spare pair I keep in the trunk. I could have also overlooked the wet pant legs I had from walking through puddles.

What was harder to deal with was the sudden headache that happened as I was getting into my car. It felt like someone had come up and smashed the back of my head with a bat. Maybe they did. Either way, it took any exercise out of the equation because just driving was hard, so we came home, where I got into my pajamas, took some ibuprofen and spent the evening watching a movie and knitting.

The most exciting thing that happened was that our zombie travel bugs arrived!

2013-10-30 20.43.06

Can’t wait to find something to attach these guys to and send them out into the world!

While the ibuprofen helped, I think I’m heading to bed early tonight.

Two more days until the weekend!


Rain and Headaches

There’s not too much to talk about tonight. I haven’t felt well all day, but based on the rain, my guess is that the headache and sore throat are a result of the weather change.

Work stress today: 5, but mostly because I got in late.

Though we talked about a few different options for exercise tonight, we ended up grabbing dinner and coming home. This is going to be a light week anyway. I don’t anticipate actually meeting either of our goals this week, but I think we’re due for a rest.  I’m not going to be a complete lump, but I am going to take it down a notch, then kick it back up next week.

I used the evening to play around with the UfYH app I bought today and finally felt like I accomplished something. I definitely need to utilize that more.

Calling it a night so I can get up early and go pick up my mom tomorrow. I hope the rain exhausts itself tonight and I get a good driving day.


On Hold Until Tomorrow

I’m not feeling well tonight, so this will be short and sweet.

1. Made it to the gym.
2. Watched Rise of the Guardians.
3. Did character creation with Terry and Erica for an upcoming DnD game.

It’s early as I write this, so something else exciting may happen, but I’ll have to write about it tomorrow.

Four day weekend ahead of me, and I’m feeling sick with what I think is a UTI. My luck. But hoping for the best.


Exhaustion and Homemade Hot Pockets

This day didn’t feel normal. It went by fast, like I arrived, and I did a few things, and then I went home. Early, even. I couldn’t tell you what I did though. I’m sure something got accomplished, but I was fairly under the weather most of the day, and by “fairly,” I mean I kind of thought I might pass out a couple times. I’m tired of dealing with the sinus and allergy and cold stuff. I’m not entirely sure if the long workout last night had something to do with it. I felt like I got enough sleep, but I was fatigued and shaky all day. If I had been feeling sick before working out, I wouldn’t have worked out. But I was feeling fine.

So I left early and didn’t go to the gym, since that seemed like the smart thing to do. We did hit up Dillons for some dinner food where we bought the makings of pizza pita pockets to make in our new toaster oven (work anniversary gift…worth it!). I also picked up some of my Dillons freebies. If you are near a Dillons or a Kroger and have not gotten in on this weekly freebie thing, do it! You have to register your card online, but then you can load all kinds of coupons to it, including the weekly freebie. I’m not an extreme couponer, but I’m all about something free. Tonight, I got popcorn and shampoo. Tomorrow will bring some toothpaste. Love it.

The plan was to go to bed shortly after I got home, but that didn’t happen. There were delicious hot pockets, then there was cleaning and laundry, and then there was me on the computer. And watermelon.  There was also a coughing fit that left my face numb. I don’t think that’s healthy. I hope I didn’t have an aneurysm.

You know what else is keeping me up? Muggle Hustle. Seriously one of the of funniest things ever. When Jon shot me the link earlier, I thought it was just random bro quotes. Nope, it’s a whole thing. Read it, but be warned: spoilers and swearing. And hilarity, so if you can’t handle that, then you might want to bunk down with some Fifty Shades or something.

Um…could we get the Muggle Hustle guy to give Fifty Shades the same treatment? Petition? Kickstarter?

Other news, other news….I have nothing. Shutting it down for the night for some drugs and sleepytimes. I’ve put out the notice that tomorrow might be a work from home day, or even a sick day if this coughing and grossness keeps up. It needs to stop. The weekend is coming up, and I have plans.