When the Universe is (Mostly) in Good Alignment

This day has been a good one, and definitely good in ways that I don’t always get to experience. It even started out well with receiving a laptop bag from a co-worker and a bag of yarn and knitting needles from another co-worker. Work wise, I got to assist people doing different things, something I always enjoy, especially when I get to flex some of my lesser used skills in writing.  The work day as a whole was good.

There are a few less than great things going on for some friends of mine at the moment, and I feel sad for that, so if my readers can send some prayers/good vibes/positive mojo their way, I’d greatly appreciate it.

After work, as promised, I took our UK ladies to the Oz Museum. What’s more fun than enjoying a cool place? Watching someone else thoroughly enjoy it, and they both seemed to love it.  It was my second time through, and I thought it was just as cool the second time, but I love that this seemed to be a highlight of their trip.

The original plan had been to just go to the museum and then let them go back to the hotel and pack, but we ended up picking Jon up and grabbing something to eat since they had no other big dinner plans. The food was good and we chatted for a few hours. They’re such cool ladies. I’ve enjoyed almost all of our UK friends and I really hope they can come back in the future.  After dinner, we swung by Wal-Mart to pick up a few things before I took them back to the hotel.

It was late, and we were full, so Jon and I skipped out on tonight’s workout. I’m too tired and had too much fun to feel guilty. We also know that we can still get our gym days in and that we’re probably going to be doing some walking and physical activity to set up for and work TengaiCon, so it’ll all even out.

I’m mentally preparing myself for a busy weekend with last minute con prep, the con itself, and a double up workout day on Sunday in an effort to meet our weekly goals. Part of me is dreading it all, but another part of me is really looking forward to it all.