A Skein for the Road

Today, I got my passport to the Central Kansas Yarn Hop.

Technically, SV got it for me since we’re a day away from payday and today seemed like a good day to head down to our LYS (local yarn shop, for my non-yarnie readers) and pick them up.

Gonna get my yarn on...all over the place....

Each passport is 5 dollars and has a  knit pattern and a crochet pattern for a bag, a Scavenger Hunt form, and information about all the shops participating. There are 12 yarn shops in this trip, and SV and I have decided to hit them all, which means we’ll be in a drawing for a $500 gift pack.

Since I never win drawings, it’s safe to say that while the drawing is cool, we’re going for the experience. I love yarn shops,  and I don’t feel like I’ve visited enough of them. This Hop will give me the chance to visit several new ones. As a bonus, each shop is giving away a small bit of yarn that can be used for the pattern in the Passport.  Free yarn…not something to take lightly.

It’s a four day event, and SV and I are planning on starting that Thursday night by visiting the shops in Wamego and Manhattan. On Friday, we’re off to the Wichita area, and Saturday we’ll come back and hit all the ones along the way. We’re getting a hotel room in Wichita and making a whole event of it. She’s doing all the reserving and mapping, so I’m not sure if this trip can even be done in one full day. Even if it can, we’ve decided to take our time and see some other sights along the way, like the Cosmosphere in Hutch and whatever else strikes our fancy.

It’s over a month away, but I’m really excited for this trip. I’m driving, which suits me just fine, but I’ll be able to get some knitting done in the hotel, during any downtime, and maybe at some of the shops if we decide to stick around and enjoy the atmosphere. Come to think of it, I should probably talk to SV to see if we’re setting a time limit.

The only downside is that I can’t go wild in the shops. I am, however, going to pick a theme and try to get an item that fits that theme from each store. Yarn is probably out of the question. I have a whole stash of it that I’m trying to use up. But accessories or something cool would be nice.  I’m open to suggestions.



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