Finishing with Class

Last Friday, I met one of my goals for February and finished up the course I took through my job. I finished strong with just over a 97% and got a swanky certificate to hang on my future wall of fame.

I have no interest in being a “regular” college student again, but I can get behind these correspondence courses which let me go at my own pace from the comfort of my recliner. Plus, these courses are centralized in one field, so I find I absorb the information better with my mind already geared in that direction from what I do in the office.  While it’s not stuff I would have ever thought about, a lot of it is pretty interesting.

Friday night took me back to the days of cramming for tests and pulling all nighters.  I didn’t actually stay up all night, and I didn’t have to cram, but I was determined to get the course done and over with. My fellow co-worker/student and I got together to kick out the last five tests, and the process included some high octane from Starbucks, some cigarettes (I don’t smoke regularly, but I do puff occasionally when the mood calls for it…normally when I’m drinking but now apparently when I’m schooling), and working past midnight.  Midnight is a far cry from “all night,” but I’m older now and have a bedtime of no later than 10 most nights, so I definitely had that bleary eyed, overtired feeling by midnight thirty.

By the third to the last test, I hated myself and wanted to quit. Luckily, Fellow Student wasn’t going to let me and we finally clicked the final exam and called it good.

It’s not a huge thing, but I definitely feel good about it. I feel accomplished. I feel like I can tackle every course there is with flying colors and feel infinitely more connected to the world of knowledge. Which is probably why some people love school and continue to pursue higher education.  I know my family always wanted me to do the same, but after burning out, I just couldn’t make myself go back, at least not at the university pace.

Since these courses are somewhat on my terms, the Monday after I finished that test, I signed up for the next course, which is bite size at 60 days but considered a little tougher than the last one. Still, it gives me something to strive for and another goal for next month.  Now, I just need to pass with an high grade to get that next certificate.

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