Friday Night Date With Me

It’s almost 10 and I’m exhausted. Jon is gaming tonight, and though my original plan was to hit the gym, I’m feeling worn down enough to consider this a rest day. For whatever reason, I couldn’t sleep last night, so I’ve been running on about 4  hours all day.

However, being that it was Friday, I stuck it out to have a night out by myself while Jon went to the game store. I hung out at the library for about an hour for some reading time, then headed over to grab dinner at Arby’s before going to see The Conjuring.

Going to the movies by myself on a Friday night was a pretty big step against my anxiety, but I did okay. The anxiety hasn’t really been bad in awhile, but it does like to rear its ugly head at inopportune times. It peeked a little tonight, but never really found footing.

Waiting in the lobby, I saw someone from work and her boyfriend, and then I got carded to see the R rated movie. That was fun.

The movie was great. Despite the people on the theater being fairly obnoxious, parts of the film really did manage to scare me. The people directly around me weren’t horrible. They chatted some, and the girl down the aisle from me kept screaming, but the conversation pre-movie indicated that she had been coerced into going and was genuinely scared.

The people in the back, however, laughed through the movie like it was a comedy. Sure, there were a few moments that were laugh appropriate, but on the whole, they were just being jackasses.

But the movie was good and I was able to tune them out mostly, so it was worth the trip.

Besides checking in at the game store and grabbing a water from the gas station, that was my excitement. No links or fun videos tonight because I’m posting from my phone and haven’t figured those things out yet.


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