Under Cover of Night

That may be a cliche, but it’s a good title for this post, which will be another phone quickie that is happening way late.

This evening, I chilled with some friends, one of whom is only visiting town for a couple nights (official work type business).   It was a good night of chatting and eating too much Pizza Shuttle.

After I picked Jon up from gaming (where he split the win with another player and was pretty upbeat about his evening as well), we snuck over for a quick geocache. It was a stealth one, so what better time than night to grab it?

The spot was a public place, and we weren’t defacing property, but I felt very sneaky…living on the edge when the fuzz could show up at any time…cue dramatic music.  It wasn’t that intense, but it was fun.

However, it is now late and I need to crash if I’m going to be functional tomorrow.

Secret agent, signing off.


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