Planning for Oz and Closing the Cafe

This work week is seriously intense. Today was another busy day. However, I got to train the UK ladies. Not only did it give me a chance to do something out of the norm, but it was fun. Also, we worked it out so that tomorrow, I get to take them to the Oz Museum after work.

Jon and I took a rest day today with the plan to double up on Sunday to meet our exercise goals. He went to the game store, and I met a friend at Hastings for some talk time. The cafe has their fall drinks out, so I had an autumn harvest breve. Later, I got adventurous and tried a Mayan mocha. It tasted good, but the spice gave me a touch of heartburn.

We ended up closing the place. Then I picked up Jon and we came home. Overall, the day wasn’t “blog exciting,” but it had some nice moments. We had lunch at work, I got things accomplished, and I got hooked up with some much needed accessories for the BOW weekend from the person who introduced it to me in the first place.

Exciting day? Not really. But satisfying and fun? For sure.


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