Thunderstorms and a Sunny Drive

Heading out the door this morning, we were greeted by a thunderstorm. Said storm then accompanied us on the drive to work. I love storms, but I hate driving in them. What usually takes 20 minutes took much longer.

When we finally got to town, we found areas near Aggieville flooded. We couldn’t see the tires on some cars, and a few had stalled out at the intersection due to the high water level.

While this probably wasn’t bad compared to major flooding areas in the rest of the country, it was still pretty unsettling.

After work, we stopped to get gas and a snack, then headed towards Rose Hill. I took Jon to find the cache I got at BOW, and we grabbed a few more in that area as well.

Almost didn't find the one at this lovely bridge.

On the way, we tried for two more, one of which we found. The other one wasn’t where we thought it was, and there were muggles around, so we gave up after a short time.

We finally decided to stop stopping and haul it to our destination. We stopped in Andover to get dinner (Braum’s for the win), then finally reached the in-laws. We had discussed doing some night caching, but now that we’re here, I’m ready to crash.
I might knit for awhile, but an early night will be good. Jon and I are planning to go geocaching in the morning before heading to OKC. I’ve been warned that there may be some bad weather tomorrow night, but I’m thinking we’ll be there by the time it hits.

That’s what I’m hoping anyway.


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