Deja Vu Thursday

The “deja vu” in the title of this post refers to the fact that today kind of felt like other days this week and was relatively boring.  This seems to be a mellow week in general. I think that’s probably good, though it doesn’t make for any interesting blog posts.

Work stress level today: 5.

On the way to pick Jon up from work, I passed an ambulance, some cops, and a woman sitting in the street with something around her leg. My guess is she got hit.  Some of the cops looked to be interviewing the people in the vehicle, but I can’t even jump to a conclusion and say the driver was in the wrong because I drive that stretch every day, and sometimes the pedestrians walk like jerks. Don’t get me wrong, I understand there’s a right of way that recognizes pedestrians. But the crosswalks and the walk lights are there for a reason, and too often, a college student doesn’t use one or the other and walks in front of a car that is way too close to brake effectively.

The woman was upright and talking, and they weren’t hauling her into the ambulance, so I’m guessing she’s okay, but she’ll probably be using crutches. I don’t know if she was at fault either, so I wasn’t placing blame in that last paragraph. The only thing that surprises me is that I don’t see more of those kinds of accidents in that area.

We had no errands or anything to do after work (since I gassed the car on my lunch), so we headed to the rec track for our walk.  It was tempting to just head home. I didn’t get my rest day, and Jon was fried from classes. Somehow, we managed to talk ourselves into getting our walk rather than out of it. I did a zombie mission without the chases and maintained a nice, steady pace the whole way. I walked about a 1.25 miles, hitting the mile mark before thirty minutes with no breaks.  I had a little back pain towards the end, but nothing that put me down. Eventually, I’m going to work up to hitting the mile and a half mark and so on.

We had Subway for dinner again. I’m going through a Subway phase, specifically their tuna sub on honey oat. It’s so good.

I finally put laundry away and cleaned a few things in the apartment before settling in on the computer. During my weekly check of Instantwatcher, I found the 2012 remake of the Beauty and the Beast television series. I didn’t even know this was a thing! After doing some checking, it looks like there are some differences, but the names and location are the same, so there has to be some sort of rebooting going on there. Either way, I put it on the queue for later consumption.

I made some pocket queries and stored some caches for next weekend’s trip to Oklahoma. I had to restrain myself from putting too many on there, though. Otherwise, we’d never reach our destinations.

Time for a shower and probably some sleep. Some extra snooze time tonight would be good.



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