Terrain Woes and Long Walks

Today wasn’t quite the great Sunday I was hoping for. It wasn’t bad, but I was definitely feeling the effects of not being healthy last week, both physically and emotionally. I was both a little down and a little touchy today.

It wasn’t all bad though. Figuring we’d need more fuel than a smoothie would give us, we opted for Wendy’s salads. Then we decided to head for a new cache out by the airport. The original plan was to get one cache, then go to the gym. However, things never go according to plan with this hobby.

Since we were already out there, we grabbed another one in the area. Both these finds involved fighting thorny trees, and though that part wasn’t as much fun today, one of the caches was well worth it.



We were feeling pretty good about our finds and ended up trying another one that had a 1.5 terrain. I don’t know if we came at it from the wrong angle or what, but it wasn’t a 1.5. Besides fighting trees and thorns, we also ended up in a swamp. Though I avoided falling into it, I came out with mud on my shoes and pant legs.

Once we started sinking into the ground, we called it quits on that one, so we didn’t get the find but I’m not sure if it was a DNF either. Basically, it wasn’t really a hunt.

With the mud all over my feet parts, I didn’t think going to the gym would be a good idea, and I was seriously bummed. It was chilly and windy, and the idea of taking a walk was not appealing. But since it seemed like our only option, we went to Anneberg Park to walk the Perimeter Trail.

The walk wasn’t horrible, and we picked up three more geocaches along the way. I’m not sure if it was because of how I slept or just the lack of activity, but I had to break a few times. However, we made the full walk without needing to collapse at the end.

We went to gaming from there, then stopped at the store to get lunches and snacks for the week. Now I have to put away laundry and shower before heading to bed. I’m feeling pretty tore up from fighting Mother Nature today, so there may be some bandaids and peroxide in my future.

Hope everyone kicks off a great week!


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