Unplugging, Good Books, and Outdoor Therapy

Last night, I decided to just “unplug” for the evening. For me, this doesn’t mean going completely without technology, something I really struggle with. I like having my phone handy, I use my eReader to read, and I like kicking back with a few episodes of something on Netflix during dinner or knitting. For me, unplugging just means saying no to the computer. The problem with getting online is that I tend to find ways to waste more time than I find ways to be productive, usually playing Candy Crush Saga and going over my Twitter and Facebook feeds. While I usually enjoy that, and I like reading articles that come up on both, I felt like I was starting to get sucked into a lot of unproductive internet time.

Rather than doing anything physically productive, I also decided to take a “sit on my butt all night” night. It was really nice. I was up later than I should have been, finishing the second book in The Lunar Chronicles and reading the first five chapters of the third book that doesn’t come out until February 4th. Waiting is kind of like torture. Seriously. I love this series. I don’t get “fangirl” over a lot of things, but The Lunar Chronicles hits all the right reader chords with me.

Whether it was not staring at a computer screen for hours or the lack of a full night’s sleep, I felt a little bit better today than I have this whole week. It could also correlate with the fact that the weather is slightly better and we’re that much closer to the weekend, and thus far, the weather people are giving us a decent forecast. These makes me happy.  I don’t know when the mental shift happened, but being outdoors gives me a mental boost, and this winter I’m definitely craving the good weather that lets us get out and do things.

Since the weather was agreeable tonight, we went out to the rec center for some outdoor therapy. I did a zombie mission but didn’t finish it due to the need to find a bathroom (so sad they closed the ones at the center for the winter). I had about four zombie chases, and I loved every one of them. I might not be able to run for a long time, but I like the little bursts I can do.

At home, I revised a chapter of my novel. I’m getting critical again, and it’s making me want to stop, even though I really do want to revise the whole thing. I buzzed around on the internet, did some more fangirl things, and am going to end the night with a shower and some reading. All in all, I managed to accomplish some things today, and I think that was definitely helpful in fighting off the mental crud I’ve been dealing with the past few days.

Let’s hear it for Friday!


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