Prepping for the Holidays

It’s been five years since J and I have put up a tree or decorated for Christmas. I’m not anti-Christmas (though I can get a bit grinchy). But I’m lazy, and our previous two places weren’t conducive to holiday spirit, so we’ve let the holidays go by with no real holiday ambience.

This year we love our apartment, and we’ve been doing a good job of keeping it neat and clean and tidy, so I thought it would be a good year to get festive. Our first attempt to pick up our tree and decorations was thwarted by car problems, so we tried again yesterday.

To be honest, I found myself falling back into my old way of thinking. I even told J that I was conflicted, because while I kind of liked the idea of having decorations, it seemed like a lot of work for just a few weeks of decor (seriously, I wasn’t lying when I said I was lazy). In the end, though, we ventured out and dragged our Christmas stuff to the apartment from storage.

Poor little naked tree
Poor little naked tree

After getting everything back home, we realized we didn’t have a base for the tree, and I came close to giving up, but between J and our friend T, the problem was solved. We even had some small kid-type helpers give us a hand. We got the tree up, did some quick decorating, and upped the festive factor by listening to Christmas music, baking holiday cookies, and drinking eggnog.

Happy dressed and decorated tree!
Happy dressed and decorated tree!

For as lazy as I was feeling, decorating only took about an hour, and that included putting the tree together.  We didn’t decorate the whole place, but what we have is nice and cozy and if we buy each other presents, we at least have somewhere to put them. Even just a little bit of decorating helped get me in the holiday mood.

Perhaps the lights and snowmen in our living room will keep me from getting grinchy at all this year. Fingers crossed!


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