Middle of the Week Lull

It rained today. A lot. I’m grateful it wasn’t snow, but it would have still been a nice day to stay inside and knit or sleep. Having said that, things were pretty wild on the murder mystery front. Some of my co-workers are taking this very seriously. Part of me is really happy about this. Part of me is worried that my ending will disappoint.  These people are ruthless, so I have to be on my A-game.

The day in general went by fast, though I wasn’t feeling great. Stomach issues and a touch of what threatens to be a cold. Still, I was ready to go to the gym after work. We haven’t been in several days, and since the rain was going to keep us from geocaching and/or walking, the gym was our best option.

Two things happened when I left work, however. First, I realized I’d forgotten to change into my outside-of-work shoes before leaving the office, and those happen to be my active shoes. The ones I wear at work, while comfortable in that setting, aren’t great for the gym. Still, I could have overlooked that and used the spare pair I keep in the trunk. I could have also overlooked the wet pant legs I had from walking through puddles.

What was harder to deal with was the sudden headache that happened as I was getting into my car. It felt like someone had come up and smashed the back of my head with a bat. Maybe they did. Either way, it took any exercise out of the equation because just driving was hard, so we came home, where I got into my pajamas, took some ibuprofen and spent the evening watching a movie and knitting.

The most exciting thing that happened was that our zombie travel bugs arrived!

2013-10-30 20.43.06

Can’t wait to find something to attach these guys to and send them out into the world!

While the ibuprofen helped, I think I’m heading to bed early tonight.

Two more days until the weekend!


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